Capital Campaign
and "in Kind" Donations


Men's Home
Materials for classroom expansion
Bedding, blankets, pillows
Kitchen dishes, Cups, & utensils
Washers / Dryers
15-passenger van

Pentium III or IV Computers
Network system

Dining Room Tiles



After almost 45 years, A liquor shop, which destroyed the lives of many people  for 45 years, is now a place of hope and counseling for this project the funds required would

Feeding project. (Aahar means Food) For forty children at ramtekdi slums.

This projects requires initial investment to purchase the utensils
To Feed 40 children per day the per day budget is Rs. 500
Rice 5 Kg. Rs 30 x 5 = Rs.150
Dal. (Pulses) = Rs.100
Miscellaneous vegetables = Rs.100
Oil = Rs. 50 Total Rs.500 per day.
= 500 X 26= Rs.13000 plus fuel 750 per month= Total= Rs.13750Per Month.
Utensils to cook for 40 people (This is a onetime investment for feeding project called, Aahar)


Living Room Set
New Ceiling
Dining Room set
Bedding, blankets, pillows
Dishes, Cups, & utensils
Area Rugs, Children's books
Musical Instruments,
Washers / Dryers

Bunk Beds

Pentium III or IV Computer
Living Room Set's
Bedding, blankets, pillows
Kitchen Dishes, Cups, & utensils
15-passenger van



Teen Challenge Administration
2 Pentium III or IV Computer
Color Copier,
Color Laser Laser

Network hub and wires
Copy Paper,
Print Cartridges for HP Ink Jets




Carpentry Tools
Electrical Tools
Plumping Tools
Box Truck
Pick Up Truck

Audio Equipment
Video Equipment

Grant Writers
GED Instructors

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