My name is Janki and I was born in Nepal with five siblings.  I had a wonderful loving father, but he died when I was eight. After my father died our family struggled, my mother worked all of the time in order to feed us. When everyone was out of the house at work, , I began to be raped and molested by my older brother and uncle at the age of eight. They abused me repeatedly, but I was afraid to tell my mother because I did not think she would believe me.
I lived in fear, so when I turned 14, I decided that to get a way. My best friend said the only way to do that was to get married. I married and had my first baby girl at 15. My in-laws constantly tormented me so my husband and I moved and we were happy there. Then my in laws asked for forgiveness so we returned. Things didn’t change at all, so my mom told me to come home for 3 months while my husband left to work in Delhi, but my brother began to molest me again.
I  wanted to return to my in laws but this time, my husband was not there and my mother in law took my baby  and threw me out of the house When I contacted my husband to get my baby, he denied that he knew me and I found out he had taken another girl as his wife. At 16, I moved to Nepal and I married again and had another baby girl. My husband loved me, but he was extremely possessive and jealous. At the same time my sister poisoned my mind, saying I had a terrible life because she wanted me to move back India.  We were married for over 3 years but his jealousy got worse and worse. He eventually began to beat me and lock me in the house.
My sister contacted  me and said, “You must get away from there that is no way to live. You are dying inside.” I wanted to be faithful and I held on, but, then one day he was gone. I found a note on the table. He wrote, “It is over, I am leaving.”
I traveled to Kuwait and began working at the home of a Sheikh. I worked long hours, but all of my money was taken away from me. After six months They had a different plan.  They sold me to a brothel. Since I had did not have a legal visa there was nothing I could do, without realizing it, I had become victim of human trafficking in Kuwait. Life in a brothel in Kuwait is horrible. I escaped, but the police picked me up and I was, put in prison.
My sister called me, “Everyone is going abroad, and making lots of money. This is your big chance. Now you can teach him a lesson.” She told me that there were big salaries being paid in Kuwait. She assured me that it was good work and the money was good, and she would take care of my daughter so I said to myself, “I will do this good for my children.”
When I finally got out of prison, I returned to Nepal to get my daughter who I had left with my sister. My daughter was in a pathetic condition. I was shocked to find out from neighbors that she had no food and had been seen begging house to house, even for a drink of water.
I decided to find work in India and left for Mussorie, India along with a group of people. Among them was a man who began to dominate me. He would often come and beat me and blackmail us. Finally He threatened me, “Marry me now or I will kill you and your daughter!”
To escape from that torture I found solace in another man and began to live with him. We married and I thought, finally, I will have my “happily ever after.“ The only good thing that came from this relationship was my son Pranav. One week after he was born I learned the man I married already had a wife and family. He decided to return his first wife in Nepal. I was shattered and left to take care of two kids all alone.  After two months, desperate, I returned to Nepal in search of my third husband and learned that he had given fake name and address and He was gone
I was abandoned on the street and struggling when God miraculously brought me to  Sparsh. I came with my two children in January 2013. I am very happy here and I know we have come to the right place.
Here my children can grow up and be all they can dream to be. I am developing my trade and I enjoy working with the Sewing machine.
God is working in my life. Such feeling in my heart
I am glad to be a part of Sparsh and I want to do whatever I can to help other girls who are in need.




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