Sonny, Payal, Rekha

Sunny, his sister Payal and their 27 years old mother Rekha, lived in a village in Madhya Pradesh, India. They lived in a mud house and Rekha worked hard in the fields to provide for her family. However their father was a drunkard and was very abusive. On several occasions he tried to kill her, and the children. The children share incidences of when he tied Sunny with ropes and tried to throw him into the river. Another time he choked Payal’s throat with his hands. He also tried to kill Sunny and Rekha by throwing the grind stone on their head. Each time they barely escaped with their lives.
One day, he came after them with an axe, threatening to kill all of them. Rekha ran with the children and hid at the railway station. The villagers saw him chasing them and took control of him before he could do any harm.  Later, too afraid to return home, Rekha took her two children onto a train which brought them to Pune. For two days they had nothing to eat and wandered on the roads begging for food and money, but no help came their way.
Rekha found a job doing hard labor, building roads with her hands, for the road contractors. At least now they could buy some food to eat. She hoped to work hard and take care of Sunny and Payal. In a few days she lost her job because the contractor was of no good character. Frustrated she wanted jump before the moving train and kill herself but the children pulled her back in time.   They came back to live on the railway station.

She went around looking for a job. When she returned to the railway station she found Sunny and Payal, missing. It was then that her life took a turn for the worse. As she searched for her children, she met a man who promised to help her find her children and give her job. Instead she was trapped by the man who was a pimp, and was sold to a brothel owner in the red light district of Pune.

Rekha recollects the horrific area and her entry into the dirty, stinky hell where her escape was impossible. She did not eat for days. and had become skin and bone, the brothel tells me that her chick had gone down and she could barely walk. Rekha was so disconcertedand heartbroken because she did not know where her children were or if they were safe. Seeing her distress the brothel owner offered to help her. She searched and found only Payal, who was begging on the streets. Sunny was located found for another month

He had fended for himself by working at a roadside tea stall. We were contacted by a friend who asked us if we would be willing to take Sunny and Payal into our home. He explained how Rekha and the brothel owner did not want the children in the brothel.

We prayed about it and quickly decided that this would be the right way to get our ministry started – by reaching out to the “least of these” that had nowhere else to go. It took four days for Payal to accept me as a father figure. It was very difficult for her since she had lost her trust in men because of the cruelty she had experienced from her own father.

A year later, as we all (including children) were fasting and praying for Rekha to come out the darkness, God opened the door for Rekha to come and be with the children. First we thought that it would be difficult for her to adjust with us because Rekha was addicted to alcohol and tobacco. but By God's grace. She came into the Teen Challenge program and gave her heart to Jesus Christ.

She is doing amazing and learning to read and write. In fact, to our surprise, we were so happy when we saw them praying together and that her own children were helping her to learn basic education.


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