My name is Janki. I was born in Nepal with five siblings.  I had a wonderful loving father, but he died when I was eight. After my father died our family struggled, my mother worked all of the time in order to feed us. When everyone was out of the house at work, , I began to be raped and molested by my older brother and uncle at the age of eight. They abused me repeatedly, but I was afraid to tell my mother . . .
Maahi was born into poverty and sold into slavery. Her mother died when she was five. A friend that had custody sold her to a brothel. At 8 years old, they started using her for the sex trade. When she was unable to entertain customers, she was beaten with iron rods and given alcohol and drugs. She escaped and fled to Pune with her daughter, Nandini. Maahi hated selling her body for survival and she came to a place called Kondhwa NIBM Road. This is where Timothy and Joyce found Maahi & her daughter, Nandini, now 6 years old. CONTINUE
Sunny, his sister Payal and their 27 years old mother Rekha, lived in a village in Madhya Pradesh, India. They lived in a mud house and Rekha worked hard in the fields to provide for her family. However their father was a drunkard and was very abusive. On several occasions he tried to kill her, and the children. Once he tied Sunny with ropes and tried to throw him into the river.. CONTINUE
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